I am a UK based ceramicist and artist producing hand-built and hand-thrown ceramics from my studio in Norwich. My connection with ceramics began with my mother, the ceramicist Judith Onions, best known for her re-invention of the classic blue and white striped 'Cornishware' for TG Green & Co. My own ceramic work grows out of an interest in everyday and historic objects to tell their own stories. I love narrative and classic fiction and often use literature as a source for ideas. I enjoy looking at and working with museum collections and archives and I am especially interested in the idea of the ‘souvenir’ and creating loaded objects - hand-sized and intimate.

I have recently created a new collection of plates and tiles for The Shop Floor Project developed from the texts of classic fiction. Authors used include Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, Mary Webb and Charlotte Bronte. I also have work at Berdoulat, Homeward and Snape Maltings Gallery.

Please visit my project website to see drawing, print and research projects and follow my Instagram to see latest work.