I am a UK based ceramicist and artist producing hand-built and hand-thrown ceramics from my studio in Norwich.  

My work grows out of an interest in everyday and historic objects to tell their own stories. I love narrative and classic fiction and often use literature as a source for ideas. I enjoy looking at and working with museum collections and archives and I am especially interested in the idea of the ‘souvenir’ and creating loaded objects - hand-sized and intimate.

My connection with ceramics began with my mother, the ceramicist Judith Onions, best known for her re-invention of the classic blue and white striped 'Cornishware' for TG Green & Co.

Recent work includes a collection of plates and tiles for The Shop Floor Project developed from the texts of classic fiction. Authors used include Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, Mary Webb and Charlotte Bronte. I have also made collections for and have work at Berdoulat, The Merchant's Table Homeward Studio and Unpolished

Please visit my project website to see my drawing, print and painting and follow my Instagram to see latest work.