Punch Candlestick Figure

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Punch originates in the Itallian character Pulcinella, the Lord of Misrule and the many Trickster figures found in myths across the world. Mr. Punch made his first appearance in England on 9 May 1662, now known as Punch's UK birthday.

By the early 18th century, Punch was at its height, attracting large crowds at Punch's Theatre in Covent Garden. Over time, Punch became a glove-puppet appearing in smaller portable tent shows that travelled through country towns. Punch behaves outrageously to the other characters, often provoking shocked laughter and speaks in a distinctive squawking voice, produced by a ‘swazzle’ which the puppeteer speaks through, using phrases that have remained unchanged for centuries, such as: "That's the way to do it!” Originally devised for adults, Punch & Judy had been toned down by the late Victorian era, with characters such as the Devil and Punch's mistress Pretty Polly removed.

Original candlestick figure developed from a range of historical sources. Handbuilt in terracotta, with hand coloured painted sprig decoration and spot gloss transparent glaze.

Height: 15cm
Base: 10cm